That time my story made The Today Show.Tim Adam Donnelly (that's me) is a Brooklyn-based freelance journalist and former editor in chief of Brokelyn.

I  was most recently a writer and researcher at HQ Trivia/HQ Words, and previously worked as researcher at The President Show on Comedy Central. You can also find my work in Lifehacker, Vice, The Outline, Inc. Magazine, The Village Voice, The Atlantic, Billboard and on lots of bar napkins. Lately I've been writing a lot about waste-reduction, oddball NYC features and twisty local news. 

I'm also a semi professional competitive punster, which, yes, is a thing. I'm a multi-time champ of Brooklyn's monthly Punderdome and came in second at the O'Henry Pun Off in Austin in 2016. I also cohost a wordplay variety show called The PUNch-Up at Caveat in Manhattan. 

(Other Tim Donnellys that are NOT me include politician Tim, actor Tim, poet Timothy or Jersey Tim, in case you were confused.)